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Mixtape: Young Jinsu- It’s Been Said

New mixtape from Young Jinsu “It’s Been Said.”
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“Can’t C Me” Freestyle- Jinsu

Video: Young Jinsu- Swallow My Pride

New video from Young Jinsu “Swallow My Pride”

New Music: Young Jinsu- “Tim Tebow”

New music from Young Jinsu called “Tim Tebow” be on the lookout for his new mixtape coming soon

Video: Young Jinsu feat. Victoria Monet- “Insecure”

New video from Young Jinsu called “Insecure” featuring Victoria Monet

Video: Young Jinsu- “Here I Stand”

Video: Young Jinsu- “It’s Been Said”

New Music: Young Jinsu- “Eyes Wide Open”

Video: Young Jinsu- “The Setup” (Freestyle)

Young Jinsu drops a new video of him freestyling. Check out his website

New Music: Young Jinsu- “Here I Stand”

Young Jinsu hit 500 likes on his Facebook page and released a new track “Here I Stand” Follow him on twitter @SQJinsu and check out his new website

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