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“The Game” Season 5 22 More Episodes

Get ready for more juicy drama unfolding around Melanie’s secret abortion, Malik’s up/down spiral and relationship with Jenna, Derwin’s sneaky moves or the new QB, and Tasha’s crazy love life. Because the cast of BET’s “The Game” just got the gift of renewal.

Deets on the show’s upcoming 5th season when you read on….

The season ended with some serious cliffhangers. And thankfully we get to see them play out. BET just renewed its most popular show on the network for 22 new episodes.

“The Game,” which debuted its 4th season on BET this year, raked in a record breaking 7.7 millie viewers for its season premiere. And the numbers stayed uber high all season with 3 to 4 million viewers per episode.

Filming of “The Game” will continue in Atlanta with production of the fifth season starting soon. The show is created and directed by YBF couple Salim & Mara Brock Akil.

In other good news for the channel, the new scripted show “Let’s Stay Together” also received 22 new episodes for a second season.

Congrats all around!


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