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Drake Covers GQ

Drake is on the cover of the April 2012 issue of GQ. The issue hits stands March 20th.

“I’m actually really happy,” the fame dome has its challenges, and much of the music on his latest album, Take Care, reveals a conflicted soul. “I’m trying to find the same feelings that I had for women when I had very little going on, which is tough,” he says. “When I was in my mom’s house, I had nowhere to go, no real obligations. My girlfriend at the time, if she was mad at me, my day was all fucked-up. I didn’t have anything else.


J. Cole Covers YRB Magazine

J. Cole is on the cover of YRB’s latest issue. He talks about his debut album Cole World: The Sideline Story, being signed to Roc Nation and his album with Kendrick Lamar.

“I feel like I am officially in the game, but I also feel like I’m not where I want to be. I’m far from it. I got a lot more things to do. I got a lot more respect to get,” he says. “Kanye [West] and Jay-Z are doing arenas. I got a long way to go before I can do an arena. I want to perform in an arena or stadium one day, depending on how big this thing gets. An arena? That’s 20,000 people coming to see you. To do a tour of arenas and then headlining that? That’s incredible. So I’ve got a long way to go. I know I got a long way to go.”

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Eminem and Yelawolf Cover Vibe

Vibe caught up with Eminem and Yelawolf for their first joint interview. Eminem hailing from Detroit and Yelawolf from Alabama talked about race, past issues with drugs, and similarities and differences.

Yelawolf’s thoughts on White Rappers using the N-Word

[In Alabama] we have a dark his- tory concerning the relationship be- tween Black and white people. I’m not a role model by any means, but if I said it around the house I got popped in the mouth,” he says, noting that his Black friends used the word as a term of endearment for him as well.

Eminem and Yelawolf talk about their past history with drugs:
You mentioned getting yourself right. Are you completely clean these days as far as alcohol and drugs?
EM: Except for the heroin I shot up this morning. Except for that, I’m clean. [Laughs]
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J. Cole Covers “Rolling Out”

Talk about your first encounter with Jay-Z. What led to that moment?
I graduated from St. John’s University. At the time, all of my friends got nine-to-five jobs and were making $30,000 to 40,000 per year. I was working at a newspaper in Queens making $8 per hour at a part-time job so that I could still do music at night. I heard that Jay-Z was recording the American Gangster album. That same night, I made two beats and I thought it would be perfect for Jay-Z. I went to the studio where Jay-Z was recording and I waited outside for three hours. His Phantom finally pulled up. I was super timid and shy. I had the CD in my hand and I tried to hand it to Jay-Z. He looked at it and said, ‘What is this? I don’t want that. Give it to one of those other guys.’ It was crushing. That was another moment. Read the rest of this entry

Romeo Covers Snytch Magazine

Romeo Miller is standing front and center on the cover of the July-August issue of ‘Snytch Magazine.’ In the interview, he reveals how he managed to stay focused and out of trouble growing up in the spotlight and where he sees himself in the future. Check out an excerpt below:
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Rick Ross and Maybach Music Group Cover XXL’s October Issue

For the October issue XXL switches it up with two split covers built off of the same crew. Riding high off the success of their compilation album, Self Made, Vol. 1, Rick Ross and his Maybach Music Group signees—Wale, Meek Mill and Pill—all grace the cover of XXL’s forthcoming issue on two joint covers: a Ross solo and an MMG group cover showing both sides of Ricky Ross, as a solo artist and a boss.


Lil Wayne Talks Retirement in July/August Issue of XXL Magazine

Lil Wayne cover the July/August issue of XXL. In the magazine he taled about how he plans on retiring while he’s still on top.

I’m bowing out still on top, I’ma make y’all want me when I retire. I’ma make y’all be like, ‘Nooo!’ I ain’t leaving out this b*tch when y’all be like, ‘Yeah, it’s about time, dawg.’ Carter IV might be my last one. I’ma make y’all be like, ‘F*ck!’ Yeah, n*gga, I’m gone.

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Meagan Good Talks Cancer Scare in Heart and Soul Magazine

Meagan Good is on the cover of “Heart and Soul” June/July issue. In the magazine she talked about having a cancerous cell removed from her uterus a few years back

Had cancerous cells in her uterus removed a few years ago. “It didn’t scare me. When people don’t know they have something, they’re fine. When they do find out, they get worse. A lot is attitude. When you’re afraid and freaked out, that’s when it worsens. I try to keep a positive outlook.”

Behind the Scenes Rick Ross GQ Photoshoot

I can’t keep my shirt onnnnnn!!!! Lil Twist Voice

Chris Brown Covers The Source

Chris Brown is on the cover of the Source’s June-July “Summer Issue” This issue will hit newsstands June 20.

Source: What is the hardest part about being Chris Brown?

CB: The hardest thing about Chris Brown is understanding that you’re “Chris Brown”. I just noticed the value of my brand, and who I am as a person now.

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