Machine Gun Kelly Releases a Statement Via Facebook

STATEMENT: the people that were with me from the beginning are here with me now. those are the people i will die with and die for. I just read a status that did so much injustice to how i am as a person i feel like i have to make that clear. i hate when people act like i owe them shit. I owe Slim, i owe Dub, i owe Ashleigh, I owe Xplosive, I owe Dre, I owe Irv, i owe Spordy, I owe the fans who sat in front of their phones and computers for 8 hours just voting so we could be number 1 at whatever the competition is, I owe the fans who take pride in the movement and hold their chin high when the outsiders look at us and laugh cuz they dont understand it, I owe the kid who went and got ‘Lace Up’ tattoo’d on their body because inside their heart they know the moment they put on their headphones and hear my music its an escape from this fucked up world for 3 minutes, I owe them. I dont owe a mother fucker looking for a handout because we’ve hung out through mutual acquaintances a couple times, a mother fucker who only put in a SMIDGEON of work compared to the blood, sweat, and tears others have dripped for this, a MAN who acts more like a bitch because they publicly blame another MAN for his own misfortunes when they’ve never even been through ANYthing in life together. Gossip is bullshit, and if you as a fan ever believe any of these rumors or this banter about me then smarten up. I’m a regular kid just like yall, living in a normal house, in a normal city, i just have an irregular job. The type of person i am now is the same person as i was when i was 17, only difference is that no one was feeding people lies about me back then. why? because people didn’t want anything from me when i was mopping some dirty ass floor in my work uniform with a name tag back then. You wanna really question where my loyalty stands? Look at any and every video i’ve ever released, the crew you see in there are the ones still with me now. The manager i had before the deal? still manages me now. The city that was responsible for turning me from a boy into a man the way my father couldnt, the city where the sun shines 5 days out of the year, the place the public labeled as the ‘mistake on the lake’ but to me the greatest city in the world? I still live there now. The message, “Lace Up”, the movement that EVERY label tried to steer me away from because it went against the grain of everything the industry stands for? You can see that same message flashing across the screen at the beginning of my first official music video when you see it NUMBER 1 on the countdown (because of yall of course) and the same message one of the biggest names in the industry (Diddy) now shouts because he understands it. Dont ever question who I am as a person, or ever think that my personal life is one to blog or gossip about, there are plenty of people who subject themselves to that in this industry, not me, I’m not here for fame, i’m here to save people with music like my inspirations saved me. EST FOR LIFE. LACE THE FUCK UP. And when i say those words, i mean them.


About Jade

I'm a senior at North Carolina A&T State University. I am also a marketing representative for BET and Street Team representative for So So Def recording artist Dondria.

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